Jun Li, Ph.D.

Professor of Human GeneticsProfessor & Associate Chair for Research of Computational Medicine and BioinformaticsFaculty, Center for Statistical Genetics; Comprehensive Cancer CenterMember, Depression Center; Michigan Diabetes Research Center; Michigan Metabolomics & Obesity CenterCo-Director, Michigan Center for Single-Cell Genomic Data Analytics
5940A Buhl1241 E. Catherine St. SPC 5618Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5618junzli@med.umich.edu734-615-5754

News: 2018

Jun Li Lab, 2018 Fall

A one-day retreat orgonized by Anna Gilbert (Mathematics), Jiandie Lin (LSI), Evan Keller (Urology & Pathology), and Jun Li (Human Genetics & DCMB).

The retreat was aimming to 1) promote interactions among various groups who use single-cell omics technologies in their research 2) exchange thoughts on existing technologies, and discuss shared systems or resources we hope to develop in U-M.


2018.12 Christmas party

‘We are increasingly exposed’: New studies show how easy it is to identify people using genetic databases

Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed)

2018.10 ASHG at San Diego

5 members of the Li lab attended the 2018 ASHG at San Diego:

  • They met 2 former lab members, Shweta and Yu-yu.

  • One of Jun's papers was mentioned during the ASHG Presidential Address.

  • Qianyi co-moderated the platform session 28: Sequencing-based Diagnostics for Newborns and Infants

  • Xianing presented his research on gene expression inequality in single cells in one of the sessions.

  • Sahar, a former lab member, was being featured on many banners at ASHG.


The 2018 Saltiel Life Sciences Symposium will bring pioneers in the field of single cell biology to the University of Michigan to discuss the scientific advances driving the field forward. The speakers’ broad areas of expertise — from neuroscience, to immunology, to computer science and computational biology — reflect the widespread applicability and relevance of single cell research techniques.

2018.09 New members

Chris, Maxwell, and Yanling join the lab, welcome!

2018.08 Sahar's farewell dinner

Sahar was a post-doctoral fellow at the Li Lab for a year. She worked on two collaborative projects in the area of single-cell transcriptomics analysis.

The second annual Single-cell Genomic Data Analytics Symposium took place on Aug. 6, 2018. The day long symposium featured researchers from U-M and around the world whose work is on the leading edge of innovation and discovery. This symposium was organized by the Michigan Center for Single-Cell Genomic Data Analytics and sponsored by the Michigan Institute for Data Science. Schedule

Featured Speakers:

  • Dana Pe’er, Scientific Director, GMTEC; Chair, Computational and Systems Biology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

  • Christina Kendziorski, Professor, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin

  • Peter Kharchenko, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics Harvard Medical School

  • Emma Lundberg, Visiting Associate Professor, Stanford University; Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

2018.07 Sahar presenting at ISMB meeting in Chicago

Her talk is about the transcriptional factor pathway in single-cell.

2018.06 New members

Andy and Han join the lab, welcome!

2018.06 Shweta's farewell reception

Shweta was a PhD student in the Dept. of Bioinformatics. She worked on the development of various analytical tools (i.e. power analysis of CNV detection) as well as the genetic and expression analysis of complex diseases. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in University of Pennsylvania.

2018.06 Meeting with students, Yifan and Ellen, at ESHG

2018.06 Complex trait consortium meeting in Glasgow

Psychiatric Genetics: A Primer for Clinical and Basic Scientists

Chapter 13: Next-generation sequencing in genetic studies of psychiatric disorders

2018.05 Welcome reception for DCMB faculty: Arvind Rao

2018.05 James V Neel lecture by Uta Francke

2018.04 Single-cell meeting in UK

2018.04 AACR