Jun Li, Ph.D.

Professor of Human GeneticsProfessor & Associate Chair for Research of Computational Medicine and BioinformaticsFaculty, Center for Statistical Genetics; Comprehensive Cancer CenterMember, Depression Center; Michigan Diabetes Research Center; Michigan Metabolomics & Obesity CenterCo-Director, Michigan Center for Single-Cell Genomic Data Analytics
5940A Buhl1241 E. Catherine St. SPC 5618Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5618junzli@med.umich.edu734-615-5754

Jun Li Lab, 2019 Fall


Department of Human Genetics
Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics


Single-Cell Spatial Analysis Program, U-M Biosciences Initiative (Co-PI: Keller, Li, Wilson, Colacino, Nagrath, Rao)

NIH 1R01GM118928: High-resolution map of human germline mutation patterns and inference of mutagenic mechanisms (contact PI: Li, MPI: Zoellner)

NIH U01DA043098: Genetics of novelty seeking and propensity for drug abuse in outbred rats (contact PI: Akil, MPI: Li)

NIH 1U24DK112342: Michigan MoTrPAC Chemical Analysis Site (MiCAS) (contact PI: Burant, MPI: Li)

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS): Michigan Center for Single-Cell Genomic Data Analytics (Co-PI: Li, Gilbert, Co-I: 8 others)

UM M-Cube Molecular dissection of a brain center that regulates homeostasis (MPI: Li, Cone, Li)

NIH 1R01HL139672: Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Arterial Dysplasia (PI: Ganesh, Co-I, Li)

NIH R21HD090371: Comprehensive mapping of mouse testis cell types and spermatogenic stages by single-cell RNA sequencing (PI: Hammoud, Co-I, Li)

NIH U01DK119083 Diabetic Foot Ulcer Clinical Research Unit (MPI, Worbel et al., Co-I: Li)

NIH 1R01CA217954: Advancing biological and clinical applications of genomic Minimal Residual Disease detection in AML (PI: Malek, Co-I, Li)

NIH R01HL141399: The Molecular Genetics of Venous Thromboembolic Disease (PI, Desch, Co-I: Li)

NIH R01HD097096: Hypopituitarism: Role of PROP1 and Retinoic Acid Signaling in Regulation of Pituitary Stem Cell Differentiation (PI: Camper, Co-I, Li)

Open Philanthropy: Towards the future of fertility: defining building blocks and establishing new methods for in vitro gametogenesis, (PI: Hammoud, Co-I, Li)

Human Cell Atlas of the Female Reproductive System, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI Seed Networks) (Co-PI: Hammoud, Li, Marsh, Shikanov)

NIH R01: A microphysiological engineered 3D system to the rescue of ovarian follicles (PI: Shikanov, Co-I, Li)

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