Jun Li, Ph.D.

Professor of Human GeneticsProfessor & Associate Chair for Research of Computational Medicine and BioinformaticsFaculty, Center for Statistical Genetics; Comprehensive Cancer CenterMember, Depression Center; Michigan Diabetes Research Center; Michigan Metabolomics & Obesity CenterCo-Director, Michigan Center for Single-Cell Genomic Data Analytics
5940A Buhl1241 E. Catherine St. SPC 5618Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5618junzli@med.umich.edu734-615-5754

Jun Li Lab, 2019 Fall


Department of Human Genetics
Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics


This is a web calculator for calculating the CNV detection power from the DNA sequencing data. It considers the joint influene of multiple factors including sample mixing and variance inflaion. Please refer to the original publication for details.

Contact: hanyou@umich.edu & sramdas@umich.edu

CHAT is a collection of tools for inferring cellular frequencies of somatic copy number alterations and somatic mutations in a tumor sample, using DNA sequencing and SNP array data.

Contact: libo@umich.edu

STRfinder detects short tandem repeat loci in complex genomes, report the genotype of the loci and estimate allele lengths when possible.

Contact: libo@umich.edu